CHENEY in Rome Sept. 8 and 9:
PROTEST SIT-IN, MONDAY SEPT. 8, Piazza di San Marco (piazza Venezia), 5-7pm

As the principal architect behind the policies of the Bush administration, from the global war on terror, to illegal detention and torture, Vice-President Dick Che­ney is an unwelcome guest in Rome today.

Add to this his role in privatizing war resulting in huge personal profits, his role in unlawful wiretapping, and his notion that the executive branch of government is neither bound by any limits nor subject to accountabili­ty, just to mention a few examples of his basically cri­minal behavior these past eight years.

Cheney's the guy who described the detainees of Guantánamo as “living in the tropics”, who thinks the acceptability of waterboar­ding is “a no brainer,”and who, during an interview with ABC's Martha Raddatz, made the notorious reply pic­tured here. This man deserves an indictment, not a welcome!

Cheney is in Rome to discuss the crisis in Georgia, the situation in the Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran, looking for additional support from the Italian govern­ment. The issue of the new U.S. base in Vicenza is certainly on the agenda as well: on Saturday the police charged a peaceful demonstration against the base held just outside the terrain. One of our members got brutalized in the process.


Let's put Cheney's arrogance on trial by contributing to the people's indictment hearings Sept. 12-14 in Andover, MA.!

Rome, 9-9-2008